High Accuracy, resolution, and precision (one million to one      resolution).
  Automatically determines optimal data acquisition parameters          via built-in intelligence.
  Up to 100 times better performance than existing solutions.
•   Single channel DAS electronics for easy integration with      specific sensors.
  Ability to embed additional monitoring and control algorithms.

The SF-DAS is similar to the E-DAS except that it is a one channel data acquisition unit brought down to the most minimalist form for integration directly in a sensor product. A wide range of sensors can be fused with the SF-DAS, including accelerometers, rate gyros, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors and strain gauges, all of which are used in a variety of applications.

SF-DAS products will typically require engineering support from QDAC to integrate into a QEM’s sensor product, and once integrated, QDAC will supply the electronic boards only, or potentially license the design to the sensor manufacturer.

The SF-DAS provides additional performance enhancement related to reducing the possibility for inaccuracies and noise between the sensor and the data acquisition electronics. By fusing the electronics with the sensors, better immunity is achieved from external electronic noise. This is particularly beneficial in applications that use accelerometers.

However, the emphasis with the SF-DAS is that of miniaturization. The minimum parts counts and integrated functionality resulting from the QDAC technology naturally lends itself to this miniaturization and does so without any loss of performance or bandwidth. This makes it possible to develop a single compact circuit that can easily be integrated into a sensor package.

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