High Accuracy, resolution, and precision (one million to one      resolution).
•   Automatically determines optimal data acquisition parameters
     via built-in intelligence.
  Up to 100 times better performance than existing solutions.
•   Easily integrate into specific applications and OEM equipment.
  Ability to embed additional monitoring and control algorithms.

The E-DAS products are the electronic component boards that are designed to be integrated into an overall system that requires data acquisition. It uses similar electronics boards as the G-DAS, but is available in its raw form. Since the data acquisition electronics are modular, the E-DAS can be easily expanded to incorporate additional functionality such as adding additional sensor inputs and digital I/O lines for discrete inputs and outputs used in automation and control. E-DAS products will typically require engineering support from QDAC to integrate into a customer application. Once integrated, QDAC will supply the electronic boards only.

E-DAS products are used to specifically address the requirements of a larger piece of equipment. This can range from a fairly straightforward temperature controller in process control applications, to sophisticated medical diagnostics equipment, and to advanced industrial manufacturing applications that improve an automation processes. The benefits of E-DAS become more apparent for higher end applications where the performance requirements are of key importance.

The E-DAS incorporates FPGA technology, which enables further functionality to be integrated into the product. For example, control system functions and algorithms can be added directly into the electronics supplied by QDAC. The FPGA enables application specific functionality to be easily incorporated within QDAC solutions.

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