QDAC supplies high performance data acquisition solutions that use a common technology platform based on a modular and scalable architecture. This allows QDAC to quickly configure and customize a solution for specific applications, with relatively minimal engineering effort.

QDAC solutions utilize a patented approach that replaces an outdated data acquisition architecture that is based on 30-year old technology constraints. The underlying technology architecture is based on tightly locking the signal conditioning with digital sampling and intelligently (automatically) configuring the data acquisition parameters. QDAC technology provides 10-100 times better performance, is 2-5 times less complex to implement, and is 5-10 times easier to use then existing
data acquisition systems. In particular, QDAC products are ideally suited to provide accurate, high resolution data for applications requiring very fast sampling
and response.

In order to address the different applications possible by QDAC technologies, QDAC has categorized its product offerings
as follows:

    1. Generic Data Acquisition products for laboratory use and easy proof of concept demonstrations and testing;
    2. Embedded Data Acquisition products to allow for integration into an overall system; and
    3. Sensor-Fused Data Acquisition products for integration into OEM sensor products.

All product categories utilize the same core patented technology.

QDAC has developed three product classes to address the markets and applications of data acquisition systems.

Each of the product classes utilize the same core patented technology with all electronics designed based on a modular architecture to maximize re-use of individual components and enable easy reconfiguration and customization of the
technology for specific applications.


High data accuracy, resolution, and precision (especially for applications requiring very fast
sampling and response)
Enables new applications not previously possible
due to the acquisition of better data
Increased reliability and robustness of the electronics due to the engineering design surrounding the QDAC architecture


Automatically determines optimal data acquisition parameters via built in intelligence
Easier and less time consuming to engineer a solution
due to the “plug and play” architecture
Enables miniaturization due to fewer components as compared to alternative solutions
Enables sensor manufacturers to integrate signal conditioning and data acquisition intelligence directly
into their sensor

From a technical and engineer’s perspective, QDAC solutions solve the problem of inaccurate and “dirty” data that results
from aliasing and noise which is particularly prevalent in data acquisition applications requiring very fast sampling and response. In addition, QDAC’s design architecture is capable of spanning a wide frequency bandwidth, combines the minimum possible set of electronic components and digital signal processing to achieve the analog to digital conversion,
and incorporates the necessary and correct combination of analog signal conditioning, irrespective of the selected sampling rate. All together, this achieves greatly improved performance in terms of resolution and accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the electronic component count. The QDAC approach also eliminates the requirement for peripheral hardware that
is typically required in other data acquisition solutions and significantly simplifies operation and use while still meeting specific requirements for a wide range of tests or applications.

Ultimately, QDAC’s value proposition enables new applications, improves existing ones, and reduces costs.

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